Kathy Cox, LCPC



Description of groups for tweens & teens:

The experience of growing up and moving from childhood to adulthood-involves a myriad of challenges and struggles. Unfortunately, our modern culture provides little guidance for young people making this great transition. We provide a great deal of learning about how to do a job or profession but precious little about how to become a more effective and radiant human. To address that gap in our educational process, we have designed a program that seeks to teach young people a number of skills that can help them when they are in this transition state. We also seek to  provide a stimulating and safe container for them to explore and experience processes that they can use to grow and become more mature.

The goal is to help tweens & teens identify, access and regulate their personal power. One focus to the need for initiation (the real process of achieving a changed sense of self) to help the growing up process. The curriculum provides opportunities to learn with & from other young tweens & teens. To better understand one’s own patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Therapeutic activities will be used to teach communication skills, learn to listen, respond and clear; coping skills, social skills & to foster positive self-image. 

Some of the issues that members struggle with could include; low self-esteem, blended family/family & academic problems, communication skills, anger management, difficulty managing mood. This is an intensive program; where once a month there is a family session (4 total during the whole program), and it requires a firm commitment to 18 weekly sessions and individual therapy. We have several male and female groups.

We will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you. The cost will depend on your specific plan and benefits.

Couples Group   

Did you know 86 percent of divorces are the result of what researchers call “non-severe circumstances”? That means the marriage-ending circumstances are not related to severe problems like abuse, abandonment or adultery. Instead, they are because of fights about money, kids, sex and other emotional issues. These are emotional decisions. They happen in the heat of the moment. Keeping a relationship healthy requires attention.

As human beings, we react to the intensity of conflict with the primitive brain. Fight, Flight & Freeze gets activated. We are emotional creatures. Instead of making decisions based on how you feel, learn to make them through a variety of new skills.
Learn tools to work through conflict & disagreements

Develop better coping skills
Learn about anger & boundaries
Enjoy deeper levels of intimacy